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What is a cookie?

Cookies are automatic procedures that gather information related to the specific preferences of you as an Internet user during your visit to a given website, with a view to recognising you as a recurring user, personalising your use and facilitating browsing. 

Own cookies used on this website

Technical cookies

Technical cookies are essential and necessary for the website to work properly and to be able to use different options and services offered.






Aquesta galeta s'utilitza per guardar les dades de la sessió de l'usuari. És essencial pel funcionament del web.



Galeta utilitzada per mantenir i recordar l'idioma actual en què navega l'usuari.

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Galeta que identifica si l'usuari ha acceptat l'ús de cookies.

Third-party cookies used on this website

Analytical cookies

Our website uses Google Analytics cookies. The information these cookies collect is transferred and archived in Google's servers in the United States, in accordance with its privacy practices. For further information about Google's privacy practices and how they are applied to Google Analytics, visit: Google Analytics Privacy Policy




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Aquestes galetes són establertes per Google Analytics per rastrejar l'ús de la web. Aquestes galetes no s'estableixen si deshabiliteu les galetes per aquesta web.

How to control and remove cookies

Most web browsers accept cookies, but you can change the settings of your web browser to refuse new cookies, disable existing ones or else to be informed when someone sends a new cookie to your device. In order to change the settings, simply follow instructions provided by each browser:

  • Internet Explorer: Tools > Internet options > Privacy
    Or click here for further information.
  • Firefox: Tools > Options > Privacy > History > Personalised settings.
    Or else click here for further information.
  • Chrome: Settings > Advanced settings > Privacy and security > Content settings.
    Or else click here for further information.
  • Safari: Preferences > Security.
    Or else click here for further information.
  • Opera: Settings
    Or else click here for further information.

Blocking the use of cookies for browsing may render some of the website's services or features unavailable