Roots and social cohesion

The groups and social cohesion area of the Plataforma per la Llengua is driven by the need to implement projects and actions geared towards helping new-arrivals to settle. Although Catalan society has been through more than one period involving the arrival of people from other places, there can be no doubt that the migratory wave of the year 2000 sparked the country's greatest transformation. However, this date is now somewhat far off in time, which is why we believe that in strategic terms we need to go beyond an approach related strictly to welcoming people and focus more on helping them to settle in society, which involves the feeling of belonging and identity, both with regard to their immediate setting and to other areas in the territory.

The main objective of this area is to make Catalan language the backbone and a meeting point for the social, ethnic and cultural diversity of our society, thus making it possible to contribute to building roots and social cohesion.

Lines of work:

Roots and citizens' participation

Objective: To reinforce the neighbourhood networks that underpin everyday life in order to strengthen the position of Catalan as a language of communication and cohesion in their day-to-day life.

Public administration

Objective: To work towards making sure that the regulatory development affecting Catalan language is as ambitious as possible, strictly observing citizens' language rights.

"Adopted" Catalan Speakers

Objective: To show that learning Catalan is perceived as the identification with a social aspect, so that everyone can be regarded as a citizen regardless of their linguistic origin.

Cohesion of the social environment

Objective: To offer Catalan language as a meeting point in the different spaces of the same neighbourhood and as a key element for opening up borders within the framework of the interrelation of values and of people.

Agents of the employment setting

Objective: To promote the dimension of identification between language and brand and to acknowledge the linguistic plurality of our setting, embracing workers' mother tongues.

Transmission of discourse and experiences

Objective: To promote the transmission of experiences we believe may be useful to third parties.