The Catalan-language NGO

The Plataforma per la Llengua is the Catalan-language NGO. Created in 1993, and with 23.000 members, we are a non-governmental organisation that works to promote Catalan language as a social cohesion tool.

Our mission is to support Catalan language successfully, doing so through the values that define us: efficiency and efficacy, pragmatism and the pursuit of tangible results.

We work across the socio-economic and audiovisual sphere, in linguistic welcoming and settlement for new-comers, in the universities, in education and the administrations, to mention but some of our target areas. 

We are the NGO that works to make Catalan the common language and the language of social cohesion.

We operate in all the Catalan-speaking territories, and also have active nuclei in Catalonia (Maresme, Baix Llobregat, Vallès Occidental), the Valencian Community and Alghero.

The Plataforma per la Llengua is endorsed by a consultative board currently comprised of Salvador Cardús, Jordi Font, Josep Mª López Llaví, Isidor Marí, Fèlix Martí, Jordi Porta, Jordi Sànchez i Picanyol, Josep Mª Terricabras, Miquel Sellarès, Vicenç Villatoro, Isabel-Clara Simó, Miquel Strubell, Patrícia Gabancho and Abelard Saragossà. Former members, who are no longer with us, include Albert Manent, Francesc Ferrer i Gironès and Joan Triadú.