en News - Plataforma per la Llengua News Thu, 21 Sep 2023 11:32:22 +0200 Thu, 21 Sep 2023 11:32:22 +0200 Houdini 2 (http://houdini.antaviana.cat/) https://www.plataforma-llengua.cat/que-fem/en_noticies Plataforma per la Llengua considers it essential that the vote to decide whether Catalan becomes an official EU language is held on 24 October

The organisation considers that Spain has the capacity to resolve the doubts of other States between now and the date of the next General Affairs Council, and has repeated that it holds the Spanish government responsible for the success or failure of the vote

The Catalan NGO positively values the "gradual deployment" system proposed today by the Spanish delegation if this makes it possible for the other States to agree

And the organisation recalls that Catalan is a language spoken by millions of Europeans that has enough professionals working with it so that the effects of official status can be rolled out quickly

Thu, 21 Sep 2023 11:32:22 +0200 https://www.plataforma-llengua.cat/que-fem/en_noticies/105/plataforma-per-la-llengua-considers-it-essential-that-the-vote-to-decide-whether-catalan-becomes-an-official-eu-language-is-held-on-24-october https://www.plataforma-llengua.cat/que-fem/en_noticies/105
Organisations promoting Catalan hold the Spanish government responsible for the official decision taken by the EU Council on 19 September

Organisations affiliated to Civil Pledge for Official Status for Catalan repeat that whether the language becomes official has real consequences in many areas of the country, and they call on the Spanish government to convince EU Member States to obtain the necessary unanimity

The organisations promoting the commitment, which have already signed the manifesto "Official Status, Now!" in February, call on more associations to support the text. They celebrate the fact that the Spanish government has been pushed into formally requesting official status, as they demanded in February

The organisations welcome the step taken by the Spanish government to propose amending Article 1 of Regulation 1/1958 to add Catalan to the list of the current 24 official languages, and warn that, given that the opportunity to achieve this now is unique, they will not settle for less

Wed, 20 Sep 2023 11:28:33 +0200 https://www.plataforma-llengua.cat/que-fem/en_noticies/104/organisations-promoting-catalan-hold-the-spanish-government-responsible-for-the-official-decision-taken-by-the-eu-council-on-19-september https://www.plataforma-llengua.cat/que-fem/en_noticies/104
The European FUEN network urges Spain to recognise and protect Catalan speakers as a language minority

Òscar-Adrià Ibàñez, head of language rights at the Catalan NGO, attends the 67th Congress of the Federal Union of European National Communities (FUEN), one of the main organisations protecting minority nationalities and languages

The request of the FUEN Assembly of Delegates for Catalan speakers to be recognised as a linguistic minority in the Spanish State seeks to give the speakers more rights and greater international protection, and the inhabitants of the Franja de Ponent could particularly benefit from it

Thu, 14 Sep 2023 12:00:02 +0200 https://www.plataforma-llengua.cat/que-fem/en_noticies/103/the-european-fuen-network-urges-spain-to-recognise-and-protect-catalan-speakers-as-a-language-minority https://www.plataforma-llengua.cat/que-fem/en_noticies/103
We are launching a website to press for Catalan to be made official in the EU as we begin an intensive three-month campaign on the issue

Plataforma per la Llengua is launching catalaoficial.eu to kick off an intensive campaign for Catalan to be made official during the Spanish presidency of the EU and, in particular, before the Council meetings on 19 September and 23 October, prior to Pedro Sánchez possibly being reinvested as Prime Minister

After getting the official status of Catalan on to the political agenda, and the Spanish government making the first request for Catalan to become an official and working language of the EU, the Catalan NGO is asking citizens to endorse the campaign with their signatures on the new website, while placing all the responsibility for achieving the goal on the Spanish government

Every day, the website "Catalan: the 25th official language of the EU" is publishing a disadvantage suffered by Catalan because it lacks official status. It also includes a section of frequently asked questions that clear up the main doubts about the issue and give information about the actions forming part of the campaign

Tue, 12 Sep 2023 18:26:38 +0200 https://www.plataforma-llengua.cat/que-fem/en_noticies/102/we-are-launching-a-website-to-press-for-catalan-to-be-made-official-in-the-eu-as-we-begin-an-intensive-three-month-campaign-on-the-issue https://www.plataforma-llengua.cat/que-fem/en_noticies/102
We launch a video in Catalan and English to demolish any legal excuses for refusing Catalan official status

The Catalan NGO is releasing a video summarising studies by two jurists specialising in the European language system to explain that there is no legal barrier that makes official status impossible

The organisation recalls that the Spanish government has never mounted a European court challenge to opinions claiming that any official language must also be included in the Treaties

Tue, 12 Sep 2023 12:43:37 +0200 https://www.plataforma-llengua.cat/que-fem/en_noticies/101/we-launch-a-video-in-catalan-and-english-to-demolish-any-legal-excuses-for-refusing-catalan-official-status https://www.plataforma-llengua.cat/que-fem/en_noticies/101
We launch the campaign for the officialisation of Catalan in the EU with an article in El Punt Avui newspaper headlined: ‘Estem a punt’ (We’re ready)

In the article, the president of Plataforma per la Llengua explains the launch of the organisation's campaign to promote Catalan 

Escuder stresses that official status is feasible as long as Spain works with a real will to achieve it, as it depends strictly on negotiations between the States 

Wed, 06 Sep 2023 15:41:25 +0200 https://www.plataforma-llengua.cat/que-fem/en_noticies/100/we-launch-the-campaign-for-the-officialisation-of-catalan-in-the-eu-with-an-article-in-el-punt-avui-newspaper-headlined-estem-a-punt-were-ready https://www.plataforma-llengua.cat/que-fem/en_noticies/100
Plataforma per la Llengua urges the Spanish government to make public the memorandum it will present to the EU Council asking for Catalan to be made official

The organisation celebrates the letter from Foreign Minister José Manuel Albares asking for the reform of Regulation No. 1 of 1958 but urges caution because of all the unknowns waiting to be resolved

Tue, 05 Sep 2023 13:17:56 +0200 https://www.plataforma-llengua.cat/que-fem/en_noticies/97/plataforma-per-la-llengua-urges-the-spanish-government-to-make-public-the-memorandum-it-will-present-to-the-eu-council-asking-for-catalan-to-be-made-official https://www.plataforma-llengua.cat/que-fem/en_noticies/97
We ask Mayor Collboni: “Will you ask the European Union to make Catalan official?”

The Catalan NGO makes a projection on the facade of Barcelona City Hall asking the mayor if he will request official status for Catalan in the EU, as he has said he would several times in his socialist party's election manifesto

The president of Plataforma per la Llengua sent a letter to Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez last Wednesday calling on him, as president of the Council of the European Union until the end of the year, to ask that Catalan be added to its list of official languages

Thu, 20 Jul 2023 16:13:07 +0200 https://www.plataforma-llengua.cat/que-fem/en_noticies/96/we-ask-mayor-collboni-will-you-ask-the-european-union-to-make-catalan-official https://www.plataforma-llengua.cat/que-fem/en_noticies/96
We are sending a letter to Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez to request the recognition of Catalan as an official European Union language

The president of Plataforma per la Llengua, Òscar Escuder, is writing to the Spanish Prime Minister now because Spain holds the rotating presidency of the European Union, which happens only once every 13 years or so

"From today until the day of the Spanish General Election, there will be five meetings in the context of the Spanish presidency of the EU. These are five opportunities to raise the official status of Catalan: we ask you to take advantage of them," says Escuder in the letter

The Catalan NGO has secured confirmation from the Council of the European Union that the Spanish government has never requested that Catalan should become an official European Union language

Thu, 13 Jul 2023 09:30:22 +0200 https://www.plataforma-llengua.cat/que-fem/en_noticies/95/we-are-sending-a-letter-to-spanish-prime-minister-pedro-sanchez-to-request-the-recognition-of-catalan-as-an-official-european-union-language https://www.plataforma-llengua.cat/que-fem/en_noticies/95
The Council of the EU refutes the Spanish government and confirms that Spain has never requested Catalan to be official in Europe

In a coordinated initiative between Plataforma per la Llengua and Irish MEP Chris MacManus, the Council of the European Union confirms in writing that it has never been requested by this institution to make Catalan an official language in the EU

The Spanish Minister of Foreign Affairs had stated at the end of last year that the Zapatero government had requested the official status of Catalan and that this was not possible because it required treaty reform

Tue, 04 Jul 2023 18:12:40 +0200 https://www.plataforma-llengua.cat/que-fem/en_noticies/94/the-council-of-the-eu-refutes-the-spanish-government-and-confirms-that-spain-has-never-requested-catalan-to-be-official-in-europe https://www.plataforma-llengua.cat/que-fem/en_noticies/94