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We publish the guidebook La langue catalane

After publishing the guidebook The Catalan language, Plataforma per la Llengua has translated into French this informative booklet on the current use and the situation of the Catalan language

La langue catalane is a brief dossier that explains in French the most important data regarding Catalan. Its goal is to inform an international audience about the Catalan language.

The guidebook presents some of the most relevant data about Catalan, such as its number of speakers, its vitality, its demographic importance, its attractiveness and its legal and symbolic status. The NGO of the Catalan language will distribute copies of this dossier among Catalan cultural centres in French-speaking regions and will also send some copies to political and scholarly figures considered to be strategically important in the quest of promoting and informing on the vitality and strength of the Catalan language everywhere.


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