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InformeCAT 2017, in english

Every year, La Plataforma per la Llengua publishes the InformeCAT, a document that reports on the situation of Catalan language in different settings.

The InformeCAT is a report conceived to show the world the current situation of Catalan language. For this purpose, data have been compiled from 50 relevant cases from all over the Catalan-speaking territories related to the current situation of Catalan.

A new InformeCAT is published every year to assess whether or not Catalan language has improved or receded in our society's different walks of life. This sixth edition of the InformeCAT points to the growth of Catalan in certain sectors, namely culture, the Internet and the new technologies. Nevertheless, a lack of official and legal recognition is also patent, as is the offensive undertaken against Catalan language by institutions such as the government of the Spanish State, which does its utmost to hinder the normalisation of our language.


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