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Welcome, a leaflet for Erasmus students in Catalonia

La Plataforma per la Llengua presents Welcome, a leaflet intended for Erasmus students that come to study in Catalan universities. The document contains basic information about the language, as well as the main reasons for learning Catalan and some of its most colloquial expressions.

The Catalan Language NGO thus intends to provide foreign students in Catalonia with a leaflet with useful information about Catalan: where they can learn it, expressions they can use in their daily life, the places in the world where it is spoken...

Welcome also includes a graph comparing the number of Catalan speakers and the number of speakers of the official European Union languages. This figure is intended to demonstrate that Catalan is not a minority language, but rather that it is the fourteenth most-spoken language in the EU, clearly proving that the fact that it is not an official EU language is not normal.


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