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Plataforma per la Llengua complains that Sanchez’s government only works for culture in Spanish

The NGO of the Catalan language asks the Spanish government to refrain from promoting Spanish exclusively and neglecting the rest of the traditional languages of the state

The Spanish government is only going to work for the dissemination of culture produced in or related to the Castilian language, most widely known as Spanish.  The state's official gazette -"Boletín Oficial del Estado" or "BOE" in Spanish- has recently issued a Royal Decree (* 1) that reorganizes ministries and entrusts the Ministry for Culture and Sport with the duty to promote Spanish. However, the Decree makes no mention of the other languages that have traditionally been spoken in Spain, i.e., Catalan, Basque and Galician. It is for this reason that Plataforma per la Llengua has recently denounced the Spanish government's policy as contemptuous and discriminatory.

Plataforma per la Llengua insists that discrimination against Catalan and other languages different from Spanish is not new, not least as regards official planning of cultural dissemination. The advocacy group has stated that Pedro Sánchez, the new Spanish Prime Minister, is following in the footsteps of former Spanish executives that have traditionally identified exclusively with Castilian and pursued a supremacist policy of discrimination against and assimilation of national and linguistic minorities. Plataforma per la Llengua has demanded that the Spanish government rectify explicitly and include Catalan-language promotion in their cultural policies.

(*1) Royal Decree 355/2018 of June, which restructures ministerial departments


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