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"The Catalan language" guide, now available in finish

Plataforma per la Llengua established collaboration with the association Suomi-Katalonia, a Finnish organization that promotes cultural exchange between Finland and Catalonia. As a first result of this partnership, the NGO of the Catalan language has translated "The Catalan language" guide into Finnish in order to help disseminate basic data on Catalan in Finland.

Suomi-Katalonia is a society committed to the dissemination of the Catalan culture in Finland, with special attention to language issues. Aside from spreading the main facts of the Catalan language in its country, Suomi-Katalonia also offers to all Finns the possibility of learning Catalan in a course conducted by Ms. Jordina Frago, professor of Catalan at the University of Helsinki.

"The Catalan Language" guide, a publication in English intended to provide projection to Catalan language all over the world. The guide expounds some of the most relevant data about the language in terms of its dimensions, vitality, demographic weight, power of attraction or legal and symbolic representativeness.


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