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La Plataforma per la Llengua is officially accepted as an associate member of the FUEN network

The Federal Union of European Nationalities (FUEN) works to represent European minorities through the protection and promotion of their identity, language, culture and rights and character.   

Founded in Paris in 1949, FUEN is the largest umbrella organisation of national minorities in Europe, with approximately 90 member organisations from 33 States in Europe. Its basic work document is the Charter for the Autochthonous National Minorities in Europe, written in 2006.

One of this areas where this network operates is the defence of minority languages, which is a notable theme in the context of the European Minority SafePack initiative. The Catalan NGO has actively collaborated with this action, which has achieved more than 1 million signatures to support it. Among the proposed measures, we would highlight the approval of a Recommendation of the Council of the European Union on the policies to recognise the linguistic diversity of the member States of the EU or the proclamation of a directive that unifies copyright laws to avoid certain audiovisual contents being blocked across the borders of member States. This would guarantee full reciprocity of audiovisual broadcasts in Catalan, among other languages.

La Plataforma per la Llengua has agreed with FUEN to work actively to ensure that the Minority SafePack initiative passes the forthcoming procedures with the European Commission and to create awareness among society and political parties committed to defending Catalan about the importance of working so that this initiative can be voted on and approved in the European Parliament. La Plataforma per la Llengua will also be involved in any other tasks promoted by the network that could be useful for improving the legal status of Catalan and other non-official EU languages in the European context.


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