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European Parliament rectifies and authorises censored Plataforma per la Llengua exhibition on Catalan language

Following negotiations by teams representing MEP Ramon Tremosa and the Catalan NGO, the European Parliament has finally lifted the ban on the exhibition

"The Catalan Language: 10 million voices" will be unveiled on 4 March, as planned

"It was the only possible outcome: it is unheard of for the European Parliament to ban an exhibition on a European language", explained Òscar Escuder, President of Plataforma per la Llengua

The European Parliament has finally authorised the Plataforma per la Llengua exhibition on the Catalan language, supported by MEP Ramon Tremosa. Despite the exhibition having been censored and banned by the team in charge of the European Parliament's exhibition service, through a communication to Plataforma per la Llengua on 15 February, the European Parliament has rectified the situation after the Catalan NGO and Tremosa publicly complained about the incident.

Once the public complaint regarding the censorship was echoed in the press and social media, the European Parliament's team contacted Plataforma per la Llengua to ask for more information on the content of the exhibition. Prior to lifting the ban, attempts were made to relocate the exhibition to a more hidden space within the European Parliament. However, the teams representing Tremosa and Plataforma per la Llengua refused and the exhibition was eventually given the go-ahead in its original location.

The exhibition "The Catalan Language: 10 million voices" will be unveiled on 4 March at the European Parliament and can be visited until 7 March. The exhibition aims to explain to MEPs, employees and visitors to the European Parliament that Catalan is not a minority language, but rather the 14th most widely-spoken language in Europe, and answers questions regarding its current status and the problems that arise due to it not being official in the European Union and in Spain.


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