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The University of Cambridge hosts the exhibition “The Catalan Language: 10 million European voices”

Board member of Plataforma per la Llengua Josep-Anton Fernàndez will give a lecture on the situation of the Catalan language in Spain and the European Union during the Festival of Ideas.

On Saturday October 19 the University of Cambridge will host a conference by Plataforma per la Llengua (Platform for the [Catalan] language). During the Festival of Ideas, Mr. Josep-Anton Fernàndez will acquaint the public with the situation of Catalan and will discuss minoritized languages ​​with Professor Afra Pujol. Mr. Fernández will give some data on the vitality of Catalan, a language that is the 14th most spoken language in the EU, has speakers in four different states and is the 20th most widely used language on Wikipedia. At the same time, it will also be noted that the recognized status of Catalan is insufficient and anomalous for a language of its size: neither is it an official language of the State where the vast majority of its speakers reside (Spain) nor does it have official status in the EU, an organization that recognizes as official 10 languages which have fewer speakers than Catalan.

The conference will take place at 11:00 a.m. in the Recital Room at the University of Cambridge's West Road Concert Hall. The exhibition "The Catalan Language: 10 million European voices" will be displayed in the same location until 17:00. 


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