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Plataforma per la Llengua denounces the violation of linguistic rights in Spain in the UN human rights review

As part of the human rights review being carried out by the UN in Spain, the Catalan NGO has presented a report compiling the repeated violations of linguistic rights

It is the third time the Spanish State has been subjected to the Universal Periodic Review, a United Nations mechanism to assess the human rights situation in a country. The review assesses compliance by UN member states with the main international human rights treaties.

In its report, Plataforma per la Llengua has denounced, among other issues, the language discrimination suffered by Catalan-speaking citizens when dealing with courts and administrative bodies. The Catalan NGO has also highlighted the fact that discrimination generates a context of impunity, which means that multiple cases of serious discrimination continue to occur every year without investigation or punishment.

"The situation described in our report is a violation of the prohibition of language discrimination included in articles 2 and 27 of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights and article 2 of the International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights. We call on the United Nations Human Rights Council to recognise this situation and recommend that the Spanish State adopt the measures required to put an end to impunity for language discrimination," said the vice-president of the organisation Mireia Plana.

Apart for delivering the report to the UN, in December Plataforma per la Llengua was able to attend the preliminary session held in Geneva, where it informed representatives of member states on the Human Rights Council about the violation of linguistic rights by the Spanish State against the Catalan language.


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