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Rosa de la Neus Marco, elected new vice-president of the ELEN European network

This Saturday, the member of the executive of the Plataforma per la Llengua, Rosa de les Neus Marco, was elected new vice-president of ELEN, the European Language Equality Network, thus reasserting the organisation's international commitment.

The presence of Rosa de les Neus Marco i Palau on the ELEN board will serve to promote the presence of our language in international organisations and is totally aligned with the Catalan language NGO's strategy. Marco has explained that this position "will give us access to more decision-making spaces in Europe, from which we can internationalise the status of Catalan and work to improve the standing of our language".

During the ELEN assembly, held this Saturday in the Camp Nou, Ferran Suay from Valencia was elected president of the Association, whereas Tangi Louarn, Paul Bilbao-Sarria and Marcos Maceira were voted in as vice-presidents.

The meeting was used to establish the common strategy for the coming two years to defend and promote the non-official European languages. The organisations that are part of ELEN explained that the majority of the European member states discriminate against people who speak non-official languages. For this reason, they are calling upon the governments of the 28 fulfil the ECRML until they make these regional languages official.

Some of the conclusions approved include the petition to the EU to appoint a commissioner for languages and for it to incorporate the ECRML into its legal ordinance in order to chastise non-fulfilments. ELEN is also calling for the recognition of language discrimination as a form of racism and therefore contrary to human rights. The organisation will use the Protocol to Ensure Language Rights to generate influence over the States and will begin to work in order to create a language observatory compiling their sociolinguistic positions, number of speakers and cases of linguistic discrimination.


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