Education and universities

The Plataforma per la Llengua seeks to work from civil society and in collaboration with the administration to help to design actions that guarantee the presence of Catalan in all educational areas, which we regard as vital to consolidate the learning and the use of Catalan among young people.

This organisation works to ensure that Catalan, the common language, is the vehicular language of teaching at all levels. We want Catalan language to be the normal vehicle of expression in administrative activities and interaction in all centres, internal and external.

Another one of our objectives is to work to make knowledge of Catalan a requirement that is observed in universities in order to be able to teach in the Catalan-Speaking Countries. In the case of the Valencian Community we work to ensure that lines and classes in Catalan are observed in all areas of education.

Lines of work:

School, in Catalan

Objective: To promote and guarantee Catalan as the vehicular language in primary and secondary education, in formal and non-formal education and in university teaching. To defend the immersion model of the Catalan school, providing food for thought and debate and improvement in the educational community overall and in families. To promote tools that facilitate the social use of Catalan in primary and secondary education.

Catalan and the university setting.

Objective: To work to maintain or promote the presence of Catalan as a teaching language in Catalan universities. To provide support to the development and application of point 6.4 of the LUC, which establishes that teaching staff recruited by Catalan universities should know Catalan and be able to justify this in order to teach. To work to publicise the rights and obligations of the University community overall in language questions.