Culture, recreation and youth

The main mission of the Culture, recreation and youth area is to standardise Catalan in the cultural and audiovisual, gaming and leisure sectors as well as in the youth sector. Our idea is to generate ideas and dynamics that promote the use of Catalan, particularly in areas where there is less supply, and to bring an influence to bear on the population of young people who are not so aware of this issue. We also work to make sure that the administration and the public authorities develop and/or apply measures geared towards the use of Catalan in the areas of culture, audiovisuals and in the labelling of games and toys in accordance with the standards of linguistic communities comparable to our own (Quebec, Latvia, Belgium, Finland, etc.)

Lines of work:

Culture and audiovisual

Objective: we act to disseminate Catalan language in the cultural and audiovisual world, and more particularly in dubbed, subtitled, and original Catalan version films. We also pursue a regular and extensive exchange of cultural creations between the different Catalan-speaking territories and the total reciprocity of the audiovisual media in Catalan.

Leisure and recreation

Objective: we strive to make sure that places that offer a situation that is conducive to learning language - where the latter is learned naturally and spontaneously - are in Catalan. We target games and toys, particularly in the area of labelling, instructions or in the actual contents (including Catalan versions of video games).


Objective: we seek to find formulas that attract attention and provide a fresh and recreational image of the language in order to impact the use of Catalan as a regular language in this sector of the population. More specifically, we focus on night-time leisure areas and on the promotion of language volunteers. We also act in sports facilities, where youth enjoys a major presence.