Language rights and public administrations

The Plataforma per la Llengua works to guarantee that administrations fully recognise use and promote Catalan language and above all guarantee citizens' language rights in the public and private areas. In this regard, the organisation strives to review the current regulations and legislations in order to make sure that they fully acknowledge citizens' language rights with regard to Catalan and to enforce such rights. The ultimate goal of this area is for Catalan to become an official state language, enjoying the same consideration as other European languages with similar dimensions. If this consideration can only be accomplished in part of the territory, then an effort will be made to secure clear recognition throughout the language domain.  

Lines of work

Attention to complaints and queries

Objective: To attend to any citizens that have complaints and queries about their dealings with the public administrations. To provide them with support, inform them about their rights and give them assessment about how to act in order to improve the situation of language rights. To provide specific support in cases of serious language discrimination in the administrations, particularly in the infringement of rights recognised by the Law.

Official recognition

Objective: To achieve full state-wide recognition of Catalan language in the different states where it is spoken. To ensure that the rights of Catalan speakers are the same as the rights enjoyed by speakers of other European languages of a similar size in the different language domains. To report discrimination in state-wide recognition. To develop language model proposals for a future independent Catalan state.

Public administrations.

Objective: To work towards ensuring that local, county and autonomous administrations take the relevant measures to fully harmonise the use of Catalan language. To create awareness among citizens regarding gaps in the legal and political recognition of Catalan. To disseminate cases of serious language discrimination in the administrations among the citizens and public and international organisations.

Language rights

Objective: To revise, denounce and work towards repealing any current legal provisions that do not permit the use of Catalan language or restrict its use. To propose new legislation that guarantees the full harmonisation of Catalan and guarantees the language rights of citizens and the use of Catalan by companies. To monitor political and legal attacks on Catalan language or the imposition of other languages that render it impossible or difficult for citizens to avail themselves of their language rights and their ability to live fully in Catalan.

Place names

Objective: The harmonisation of place names with a major visual presence in our country and where, instead of the specific Catalan place names, versions translated from other languages are used (particularly Spanish, French and Italian).