La Plataforma per la Llengua works to ensure that the administrations fully recognise, use and promote Catalan language and above all guarantee citizens' language rights in the public and private areas. It is well known and accepted that Catalan language is still discriminated against in justice, and in some cases its position is even precarious. The use of Catalan in this area is dwindling every year. This is where we find the most serious language infringements, since it is the actual administration that does not fulfil the regulations. The falling trend in the use of Catalan is also evident in the use of notarial and business and property register documents. In this area, the judiciary and the State public administration in Catalonia, Catalan is in a difficult situation that calls for urgent and constant measures and positive discrimination measures for Catalan language.

The fundamental strategic objective is to strive to increase the presence of Catalan language in the legal area, particularly with regard to the users and consumers of the service and the professionals involved in this area (lawyers, notaries, judges, public officials...). Eliminate situations of language conflict, lack of legal defence and discrimination for using Catalan.

Lines of work

Attention to complaints and queries, suggestions

Objective: To attend to citizens that have complaints and queries about their dealings with the administration of justice. To provide them with support, inform them about their rights and advise them on how to act to improve their language rights. To provide specific support in cases of serious language discrimination in the administrations, particularly in the infringement of rights that are recognised by the Law.

Attention and advice for queries and complaints related to the area of justice sent by users, with examples of action taken in situations involving conflict and discrimination. To compile these cases in order to generate a report and send it to the corresponding administrations.

Language rights

Objective: To inform, through the Plataforma per la Llengua communication channels, of the linguistic rights available to citizens to use our language in the legal scenario and make suggestions if these rights are not being observed.